In addition to the foundations established through daily classroom study of the Bible as the primary reader, Valeo Academy students are taught in several primary disciplines using The Noah Plan® curriculum.

What is The Noah Plan® curriculum?
The result of decades of research, and having been proven for over 30 years worldwide, The Noah Plan replicates the educational approach that produced the greatest thinkers and leaders in history.  Supplementing The Noah Plan with primary source documents and resources gives Valeo students the advantage of a Biblical worldview and strong academics that will produce the thinkers, leaders, and influencers of tomorrow.

Subjects Taught
Computer Science
Consumer Ed*
Critical Thinking
English/Language Arts
Foreign Languages
Formal Writing*
Graphic Design*
Physical Education
Public Speaking*
Reading & Phonics

* High School Only

The ability to reason, to think through problems, and to understand that there is an answer to every problem is essential as we shape our children to become the problem solvers of this world.  By incorporating critical thinking, problem-solving strategies, and routine practice into daily and weekly work, Valeo Academy will train your child in grade appropriate mathematical concepts such as algebra, geometry, and fractional computation, to name a few.  Using curriculum such as Saxon®, Glencoe®, and Right Start Math®, your child will receive a solid foundation for strong and lasting mathematical skills.

All of our future development, ideas, and life's missions are built upon our view of the events and the distinguished people of the past which have shaped the world in bringing God's purpose in the earth - to proclaim the gospel and make disciples of all the nations. Our History curriculum reflects His Story - God's ultimate plan unfolding in the earth - as well as each student's place in it. Not only does our curriculum span the major events and individuals from Creation to the present, it demonstrates how they contributed to the advancement of the gospel around the world. Learning to reason according to the Scriptures, and utilizing primary resources and curriculum, your child will develop a strong and accurate Biblical worldview, rather than merely memorizing unrelated historical facts.

Readers are leaders! At Valeo Academy, your child is taught to read and understand the power of the written word, which shapes the thoughts and strongholds in the earth. In addition to the Bible as the primary reader, your child will study great authors, such as Shakespeare, Robert Louis Stevenson, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Sir Walter Scott, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Louisa May Alcott, and will discover what made these works stand the test of time.

English, Grammar, & Composition
Beginning with The Writing Road to Reading, younger children learn the building blocks of the English language in reading, writing, and spelling, as well as gain exposure to well-written classic children's literature.  Middle School and High School continue their study of English grammar and spelling. Through daily writing activities - such as note-taking, essays, poetry, writing, projects, and an annual research paper - Valeo students are taught to be the writers and communicators that will convey a message in the most intelligent, creative, and even poetic ways.

Science & Art
Every breakthrough that has ever been discovered was in the heart and mind of God first. The study of the sciences gives us understanding of life, creation, and the order of things in this world that God has set up. To further understand that order, Valeo students participate in hands on lab work, field work, and our annual Science Fair.   In addition, students study the people behind the artistic and scientific breakthroughs in order to understand the kind of commitment and persistence necessary to make world-changing discoveries.

It is widely known that Latin supplies the structure upon which many common languages are built. With the study of Latin beginning in fourth grade, students gain a strong sense of how languages work and come to recognize grammatical concepts common to all languages. At Valeo Academy, your child will not only learn the building blocks of English, its Latin roots, prefixes and suffixes, but also build a solid foundation for a robust vocabulary and for further study of foreign languages.  As a result, studying Latin will increase your child's standardized test scores (Stanford, PSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE), sharpen the mind, and produce a keener attention to detail.

Foreign Languages
With the proliferation of diverse cultures in various regions of the world, and as the gospel continues to spread across the globe, it has become increasingly essential to be able to communicate with those cultures. The focus of our foreign language instruction is Spanish, with the option of other elective languages such as French.  At Valeo Academy, your child will develop listening comprehension and speaking skills, as well as learn the fundamentals of foreign language vocabulary, grammar, writing, and reading!

Character Development
Temperance and self-control are of the most vital qualities in a successful and productive life if we wish to leave a lasting legacy. The world and the church are riddled with "successful" people who have fallen because of a lack of character and a lack of self-control. The goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart, and a good conscience, and an unfeigned, sincere faith (1 Timothy 1:5). God made clear through Solomon that Self-Control is superior to the military power of taking a city (Proverbs 16:32). Therefore, in order to train the next generation to take back the world for God's glory, Valeo Academy partners with you to develop your child's character and the fruit of self-control in his/her life.

Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
There is a deterioration of femininity and masculinity in our generation. Valeo Academy is a place where teaching and imparting femininity to girls and chivalry and gentlemanlike character among boys will be a vital part of their education.