High School

High School: Discovering Destinies

High school allows students to reap the harvest of all they have learned throughout their elementary and middle school years. Course requirements over the 4 years meet the highest standards of the most selective colleges and universities in the nation. As students are given the opportunity to demonstrate their reasoning and communication skills through weekly compositions, research papers, projects, and dramatic presentations, Valeo High School students are prepared for college and life and encouraged to press on toward the high calling of God for their futures.

2008 marked Valeo Academy's first high school graduating class.  From that year on colleges and universities have recognized the high standards of Valeo Academy's High School program.  Many Valeo Academy graduates, who apply to college, are awarded an academic scholarship from the college of their choice!

We encourage you to contact our office and see how our High School program will prepare your child for their continued education.

Our College Preparation Program includes:

4 years of Math (up through Calculus)
4 years of Science (Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
4 years of Literature (English Lit. & American Lit.)
4 years of History (American and World History)
3-4 years of Foreign Languages
4 years of Physical Education
Advanced Biblical Studies
Computer Science
Consumer Ed
Critical Thinking
Formal Writing
Public Speaking
SAT preparation
Other courses offered include: Art, Drama, and Music


Male Soccer

Male and Female Volleyball